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$349 USD forever
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What do I need to get started?

In short, you need hosting with the ability to add alias or addon domains, a static IP address, and the latest version WordPress. Not convinced? Here’s a detailed breakdown of technical and knowledge requirements.

Does Landing Kit work with Gutenberg?

Landing Kit is 100% compatible with all post, page and custom post type entries, including those created with the new Gutenberg editor.

Can I use Landing Kit with multisite?

Landing Kit was intended for single-site WordPress installations, but you can use it with multisite as well. Keep in mind that multisite already includes domain mapping options for sub-sites and that Landing Kit is not intended as a replacement for that functionality.

What if I don’t want my pages to be accessible under 2 locations?

By default, if a post has a mapped domain, the post can be accessible on both the mapped domain and the original URL. We have a 301 redirect options you can use to redirect the original post URL to the mapped domain.

How many domains can I use under one WordPress install?

There’s no limit to how many domains you can use with a single WordPress install using Landing Kit. You can map as many domains as there are published posts, pages or any other published custom post type entry.

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