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$450 USD forever
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  • Unlimited domains
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What do I need to get started?

In short, you need hosting with the ability to add alias or addon domains, a static IP address, and the latest version WordPress. Not convinced? Here’s a detailed breakdown of technical and knowledge requirements.

Does Landing Kit work with Gutenberg?

Landing Kit is 100% compatible with all post, page and custom post type entries, including those created with the new Gutenberg editor.

What if I don’t want my pages to be accessible under 2 locations?

By default, if a post has a mapped domain, the post can be accessible on both the mapped domain and the original URL. We have a 301 redirect options you can use to redirect the original post URL to the mapped domain.

How many domains can I use under one WordPress install?

There’s no limit to how many domains you can use with a single WordPress install using Landing Kit. You can map as many domains as there are published posts, pages or any other published custom post type entry.

“The product works like a charm!!! Simply magical!!! Now my only concern is trying to effectively choose when to use multisite and when to use Landing Kit.”
Derin Tolu
“I have tried the multiple domain mapping plugin previously but was not able to set it up properly/ make it work. The documentation and how this WP Landing Kit works is very straightforward, easy to follow & set up.”
“I highly recommend WP Landing Kit to anyone who would benefit from mapping additional domain(s) to pages / post on an existing website(s). It’s simple, elegant and might be exactly what you need.”
Ryan Rockwood
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