A domain for any post, page or custom post type entry

Landing Kit enables you to map custom domain names to posts, pages or custom post type entries within WordPress. This is extremely useful for creating individual marketing or landing pages using singular templates instead of separate WordPress installations or the need for a multisite install. The cool part is that with Landing Kit you can actually map unlimited domains to unlimited posts, pages or custom post type entries effectively turning your single WordPress installation into an unlimited landing page powerhouse.

Here‘s what you can do with Landing Kit today:

Mappable post type options

Choose which post types (e.g. posts, pages or any other custom post type) you want to have mappable domain support for.

Unlimited domains

There’s no limit to how many domains you can use with a single WordPress install using Landing Kit. You can map as many domains as there are published posts, pages or any other published custom post type entry.

Compatible with any theme

You can use Landing Kit and our templates with any free or premium WordPress theme. Our page templates will not interfere with your active theme styles or scripts.

Post redirect options

By default, if a post has a mapped domain, the post can be accessible on both the mapped domain and the original URL. We have a 301 redirect options you can use to redirect the original post URL to the mapped domain.

SSL enforcement

By default, mapped domains will be accessible by either http or https protocols. Alternatively, you can choose to force SSL globally for all mapped domains, or on a domain by domain basis.

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Welcome Back

Not a customer? Get started.
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