WP Landing Kit 1.3.0-beta1 Release

March 31, 2021

WP Landing Kit version 1.3.0-beta1 is now available for testing. This release contains a number of new features and enhancements to simplify the creation and management of micro-sites. It also contains some improvements and additions for developers.

What’s new

Automatic sub page mapping

Automatic sub page mapping allows you to turn any single mapping to any hierarchical post type into a micro-site of all descendants of the mapped post — all at the check of a box!

For a walkthrough on this feature, check out the feature preview video on YouTube.

Domain-level site icons

When configuring a domain, you can now add a site icon that will load across all mappings on that domain. The domain-level site icon overrides WordPress’ core site icon functionality located in the customiser.

For a quick look at this feature in action, watch the feature preview video on YouTube.

Support for page-break URLs

It’s now possible to utilise the page-break block in WordPress’ Block Editor in order to create multi-part landing pages.

Prior to 1.3.0, attempting to access a paginated endpoint would result in the fallback mapping being triggered for that domain. 1.3.0 extends the pattern used to match the URL and ensures posts with page breaks can now function at their mapped domain/URL. If this post is served under a custom domain + URI — e.g; — the paginated URLs will function as expected. e.g; (shows the first section) (shows the second section) (shows the third section, etc)

For a quick look at this feature in action, watch the feature preview video on YouTube.

Domain init action hook

To make developers lives easier, the wp_landing_kit/domain_init hook has been added which fires on WordPress’ init hook whenever mapped domain has been intercepted and the site has been set up under the new domain. This hook makes it possible to run additional code specific to a domain and provides contextual information about the domain, the URI, and any URL query parameters that are attached the request. This is the ideal action hook to load subsequent hooks that add custom functionality or modifications to anything that runs after init.

For some example code, see the temporary document on Github.

How to use the beta version

You can download the beta version using the View details and downloads link in your account purchase history. To install it, use WordPress’ plugin uploader under Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. WordPress will detect the plugin being uploaded is a newer version of an existing plugin onsite and allow you to override the currently installed version.

Feedback and bug reports

Please let us know how you go with the new release. If you have any issues with the update, send us an email at containing details of the issue you are experiencing so we can debug accordingly.



  • Added automatic sub page mapping for hierarchical post types.
  • Added site icon setting to domain edit screen and the PHP API.
  • Added domain init action hook for running targeted, custom PHP code on any mapped domain.
  • Added WP-Landing-Kit-Hit response header to improve support and settings to disable where desired.
  • Added settings, tools, and documentation links to the plugin list page.
  • Added support for page-break URL endpoints when using the page-break block.


  • Changed default redirect status from 301 to 302.
  • Add checks to prevent empty $_SERVER variable from producing errors in some configurations of WP CLI.


  • Adjusted some core container binding code to prevent false positives in VaultPress.


  • Removed deprecated items that were scheduled for this release.

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